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On Rohit Sharma, Indian Spinner’s Intriguing “Lazy Elegance” Remark | Cricket News

As the countdown for the ODI World Cup begins, the Indian cricket team is fortunate to have its skipper Rohit Sharma back in full form. Having put in some valuable performances in the Asia Cup 2023, Rohit seems to be getting back to his best, in time for the World Cup. Seeing the Hitman go berserk while playing some effortless shots, however, many fans wonder how he does what he does. Veteran Indian spinner Piyush Chawla, explaining Rohit Sharma’s brilliance, labelled his playing style “lazy elegance”.

In a chat on Star Sports, Chawla said that the way Rohit regains form just when a big tournament is approaching proves his identity as a big player.

“This is the identity of a big player, just as we approach a big tournament, he comes back into form in some way or the other, and he has shown this at the Asia Cup. This is the Rohit Sharma we all know. He is not trying to hit the ball hard; it’s just lazy elegance. He is focusing on timing the ball, and from the outside, it looks so fun to watch because he makes batting look pretty easy.

“And these are good signs for Indian cricket because when your openers are giving you a good start, you get a bigger score, and it helps the middle order. And it is very important that when your middle order is good, then if your openers give you a good start, it becomes very good for the team.”

Chawla also had a few inputs on Virat Kohli‘s struggles against left-arm spinners. Against Sri Lanka, the India great fell to Dunith Wellalake, a left-arm spinner.

“See, that depends on the day; if he really had a problem against left-arm spinners, and you’ve played so many matches, you will get out against someone or the other. If every team thought this way, they would include a left-arm spinner in their team always. But even in the shot he got out to recently (against Sri Lanka), it’s one of his scoring shots; the ball came on late from the pitch and he got out.

“Generally, that goes between square leg and mid-wicket, and he scores a lot of runs like that. And if we talk about him having a problem against a left-arm spinner, then I don’t think he would have scored 47 centuries in One Day cricket,” he stressed.

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