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ETimes Troll Slayer: Why compare Bhumi Pednekar to Uorfi Javed, just because her style is beyond your imagination? – Times of India

Bollywood was soaked in the festive fervor past week, everyone was celebrating Diwali by decking up in their best traditional ensembles. However, trolls were glued to their phones, posting nasty comments and hatefully judging celebrity style. For one of the Diwali parties, Bhumi Pednekar gave a regular saree a unique drape and styled it with a risqué bralette. Netizens were quick to troll the actress for her sartorial style and even compared her to Uorfi Javed, who is known for her adventurous and bold dressing sense. ETimes strongly opposes social media shaming, such festive times are meant only for spreading love and not hate!

Take a look at some of the jibes Bhumi Pedenkar faced on social media and our response to the same.

“Influenced by cheapo urfi”


Trolling two celebrities in the same comment is a rare talent that only trolls possess. Demeaning a person, just because you don’t approve of their style, is spread all over social media and unwanted during happy times and otherwise too. Why not accept the fact that it is Bhumi’s choice to dress up the way she wants and your comments will not dampen her happy spirit.

“Shakal achi nhi hai. Kam se kam kapde to ache pehen le..”


Bhumi Pednekar dished out diva vibes this Diwali and your comments on her looks or style are not going to affect her aura in the slightest. She enjoys an immense fan following who respect the actress for her talent and not just looks. Also, one question, why are you stuck to your phone for trolling and commenting during festive times? Why not spend some time celebrating the festive spirit?

“It’s Diwali or Halloween?”


We wonder if you are an expert make-up artist? And if that’s not the case then please keep such judgmental and harsh words at bay. Spreading hate on social media with your myopic view is the last thing one needs during a time of celebration.

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