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Woman faces severe abuse from ex-husband for putting a mark on their children (Video)

In Lagos, Nigeria, a woman identified as Mary Olohunwa is currently hospitalized after facing severe abuse from her ex-husband, Keji Ademola, in Bako Estate.

Last Thursday, on her way to her shop in Owode Onirin, Mary was confronted by Ademola, who assaulted her and used a heavy stone.

Ademola alleged seeing unusual marks on their children’s heads, believing them to be harmful. However, Mary clarified that she had applied the marks for spiritual protection.

Subsequently, Mary, who began bleeding, was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. A circulating video depicts residents apprehending Ademola as he attempted to escape. Mary’s sister revealed that she is still in the hospital, facing significant injuries, and a medical bill of approximately N160,000 has been incurred.

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Ademola, now in police custody, is expected to be arraigned in court following the incident, marking the third time he has posed a threat to Mary’s life. The family hopes for justice, as previous legal interventions did not yield consequences for Ademola’s violent behavior. (Video)

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