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Who are the Maui wildfire victims?

Raging wildfires in Maui have left at least 115 people dead with nearly 400 still missing two weeks after they were forced to flee their homes.

“We are heartsick that we’ve had such loss,” Hawaii governor Josh Green said during a news conference.

Mr Green said he expects the death toll to rise every day as recovery teams and cadaver dogs search the burned area in Lahaina on Maui. Despite the number of deaths increasing, only a few of the victims have been identified.

Part of this reason is due to the state that many bodies were found in after the blazing wildfires moved quickly through Lahania.

A mobile morgue unit arrived to help Hawaii officials identify the remains as teams continued to search for more in neighbourhoods that were reduced to ash.

Mr Green asked people who are missing loved ones to submit their DNA to help them identify the victims.

The US Department of Health and Human Services deployed a team of coroners, pathologists and technicians along with exam tables, X-ray units and other equipment to identify victims and process remains, said Jonathan Greene, the agency’s deputy assistant secretary for response.

“It’s going to be a very, very difficult mission,” Mr Greene said. “And patience will be incredibly important because of the number of victims.”

Maui mayor Richard Bissen offered his “deepest condolences” to the families who have received news about their loved ones.

“As a community, we offer our prayers of comfort in this most difficult time,” he added.

Here are the victims of the Hawaii wildfires named so far:

Robert Dyckman

Robert Dyckman, aged 74, was named by Maui county officials on 15 August.

Dyckman was a resident of Lahaina.

In a statement after releasing his name, county officials said: “We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for the families, and we ask that the media and the public respect the privacy of the grieving families. We will continue to work closely with the families to ensure that they are updated and supported throughout this process.”

Buddy Jantoc

Buddy Jantoc, aged 79, was among the other victims named by the County of Maui on 15 August.

Buddy Jantoc, a musician in Lahaina, died in the Maui wildfires

(Agnes Gary / Facebook )

Jantoc, who lived in the Hale Mahaolu retirement home in Lahaina, was a well-known musician in the area and was known for playing at local bars, hotels and malls.

“Besides his family, his other love was music,” Keshia Alaka’I, his granddaughter, told Sky News in an interview. “Music was his life. He played every instrument. His house was like a music store. He didn’t really have a sofa, just guitars.”

Ms Alaka’I said that she “broke down” when local police called her to confirm that her grandfather’s remains were found.

“He would call me every time there was a tropical storm or heavy rain. When I didn’t hear from him, I knew something was wrong,” she told Sky News.

Ms Alaka’I told the outlet that Jantoc was “loved by many” and added: “My papa was always the light of the party, kind, generous, never had a mean thing to say, he was always positive.”

Melva Benjamin

Melva Benjamin, 71, was from Lahaina.

On 17 August, the County of Maui announced that Benjamin had died in the fire.

Melvin Benjamin (right) is among the victims of the Maui wildfires

(Tufalei Makua / Facebook )

Virginia Dofa

Virginia “Vergie” Dofa, who was from Lahaina, died aged 90 in the Maui fire, the County confirmed.

Virginia “Vergie” Dofa died in Lahaina due to the wildfires


In a GoFundMe description, one of Dofa’s grandchildren said she was living in Hale Mahaolu when the wildfires engulfed the town.

“There was no alarms. No sirens. No evacuation plan until it was too late. The system failed our loved ones and a lot of lives and homes has been taken away from us,” the GoFundMe reads.

Alfredo Galinato

Alfredo Galinato, 79, from Lahaina was among the victims of the fire, the County of Maui confirmed.

Alfredo Galinato was confirmed to be dead by the County of Maui police


In a Facebook post, Galinato’s son, Joshua, said he had been searching for his father after his mother and brothers fled from the wildfires. Galinato’s last known location was their home in Lahaina.

“We are grateful to finally hear about our Father’s remains but saddened that he has not joined us in safety,” Joshua wrote.

Joshua included a link to a GoFundMe to raise money for his family who lost all of their possessions, including their home, in the fires.

Donna Gomes

Donna Gomes, 71, of Lahania was identified by the County of Maui on 17 August after her family was notified.

Donna Gomes is among the victims of the Maui wildfires


Gomes’ grandchild created a GoFundMe to collect donations in order to support their family after they lost everything in the Maui wildfires.

“Not only have we lost our homes but our family is also grieving the loss of our family backbone,” Tehani Kuhaulua wrote.

Conchita Sagudang

Conchita Sagudang, 75, of Lahaina, died in the wildfires, officials in Maui County confirmed in a press release on 20 August.

Conchita Sagudang died in the wildfires that ravaged Maui, Hawaii

(Nemi Bandayrel / Facebook)

Sagudang died alongside her son, Danilo Sagudang, her sister wrote in a Facebook post.

“There are no words to express the pain of this type of tragedy,” Nemi Bandayrel wrote.

“I’m so heartbroken and so does my whole family the BANDAYREL. Rest in peace my greatest sister and the best nephew. Danilo I know that you will always take care your mom up there in heaven.”

Danilo Sagudang

Danilo Sagudang, 55, died alongside his mother, Conchita Sagudang, on 8 August, officials confirmed in a press release.

Danilo Sagudang, who died in the wildfires on 8 August

(Ruby Pineda / Facebook)

Sagudang’s sibling wrote in a Facebook post that he and his mother were trying to escape the fires near the Paunau subdivision in Lahaina.

“They are forever in our hearts and we will miss them dearly. Mom and Danilo were our family, our support, our mentors, our friends,” Edna Sagudang wrote.

Rodolfo Rocutan

Rodolfo “Rudy” Rocutan, 76, a resident of Lahaina died as a result of the Maui wildfires, officials confirmed.

Rodolfo Rocutan, 76, died in the Lahaina wildfires


In a GoFundMe, one of Rocutan’s family members said he was living in Lahaina with his sister who survived. According to the description, Rocutan’s wife died in 2021.

“He is wise, friendly, caring and loving Father and Grandfather,” the creator of the fundraiser wrote.

Jonathan Somaoang

Jonathan “Jon” Somaoang, 76, was a veteran and retired wood crafter living in Lahaina when the wildfires hit, a missing poster of Somaoang reads.

Jonathan Somaoang died in the Maui wildfires on 8 August

(Jarrod Somaoang / Facebook)

The County of Maui officially declared Somaoang among the deceased on 20 August.

“Born and raised in Lahaina, Jon knows his town well,” the description for Somaoang’s missing poster reads.

Angelita Vasquez

Angelita Vasquez, 88, was living at Hale Mahaolu in Lahaina before she perished in the wildfires, officials confirmed.

Douglas Gloege

Douglas Gloege, 59, from Lahaina was killed in the wildfires, the County of Maui confirmed in a press release on 21 August.

Juan Deleon

Juan Deleon, 45, was among the victims who were killed in the fires, officials confirmed.

Carole Paxton Hartley

Carole Paxton Hartley was killed in the wildfires on 8 August, friends confirmed in a GoFundMe.

Carole Paxton Hartley is among the victims who died in the Maui wildfires


According to the description, Paxton Hartley was with her partner, Charles Paxton, in Lahaina when the fires erupted. While Mr Paxton managed to escape to a shelter, Paxton-Hartley did not.

“With deep sadness, we inform you that Carole Paxton/Hartley’s life was taken by the true devastation,” the GoFundMe says. “We have no words to ease the pain and sadness among Carole’s family and friends and most of all, Charles.”

Clyde Wakida

Clyde Wakida, 74, is among the victims who perished in the Maui wildfires, officials in Maui confirmed on 22 August.

Wakida’s family told The Star Advertiser that he refused to evacuate from his home with his wife, Penny Wakida, because he wanted to save their four-bedroom, four-bathroom home on Puapihi Stree that they built 35 years ago.

“He refused to come with me. He thought he could save the house,” Ms Wakida told the newspaper.

Wakida is survived by his wife and two children, Nick and Alexa.

Todd Yamafuji

Todd Yamafuji, 68, of Lahaina died in the wildfires that ravaged Maui, County official confirmed.

Antonia Molina

Antonia “Tonia” Molina, 64, is among the victims of the Maui wildfires, County officials confirmed on 22 August.

Molina lived in a smokestack in a neighbourhood on the east side of Lahainaluna Road, a Facebook post from a family member said.

“Unfortunately her body was found in their family home,” the post read. “She is now reunited up in heaven with her parents and the rest of the Molina family.”

Freeman Tam Lung

Freeman Tam Lung, 59, died in the Maui wildfires on 8 August, officials confirmed.

Mr Tam Lung lived on the bottom floor of the Lahaina Crossroads Apartments, according to a Facebook post.

Theresa Cook

Theresa Cook, 72, died in the Maui wildfires, officials confirmed on 22 August.

Cook, a resident of California, was staying at the Best Western Pioneer Inn and was expected to fly home to Sacramento on 9 August, according to a Facebook post.

Cook left the hotel around 5.30 / 5.45 local time on 8 August and was seen walking in front of the Banyan Tree before the wildfires engulfed the town.

Narciso “Ciso” Baylosis Jr

Narciso Baylosis Jr, 67, was a resident of Lahaina who died in the Maui wildfires, officials in Maui County confirmed.

Baylosis Jr was with his wife, Vanessa Baylosis, at the time of the fire, a Facebook post says. The two were driving out of Lahaina to escape the fires when they got caught in gridlock on Lahainaluna Road.

According to the post, the two abandoned their car at the end of the road but did not survive.

Vanessa Baylosis

Vanessa Baylosis, 67, was a resident of Lahaina who died in the Maui wildfires alongside her husband, Narciso Baylosis Jr.

Officials in Maui County confirmed that Baylosis and her husband perished.

Kirk Carter

Kirk Carter, 44, died after being badly burned and suffering smoke inhalation from the Maui wildfires, a close friend or family member of Carter’s wrote in a GoFundMe description.

Kirk Carter died on 16 August due to complications from injuries he sustained during the Maui wildfires, his close family / friends confirmed


Carter was badly injured during the fires and spent over a week in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital before dying due to complications on 16 August.

“Due to complications of burns he received during the Lahaina fire. We love you brother!! More than you’ll ever know. Thank you everyone for all your support and love. It’s so much to process and thank you for your patience as we decide what’s next,” the GoFundMe read.

Kenyero Fuentes

Kenyero Fuentes, 14, was at his home in Lahaina when the wildfire erupted on 8 August.


Fuentes was anticipating his first day of classes at Lahainaluna High School the next day, his mother, Luz Vargas, told NPR. Before the fires, Ms Vargas was planning Fuentes’ 15th birthday party for the coming Sunday. She said planned to include a vanilla cake and pork tacos.

For two days, Ms Vargas and her husband searched for their 14-year-old son at shelters, calling friends to find any sign of him.

But on 10 August, two friends delivered the tragic news that Fuentes was dead.

The two had snuck into Ms Vargas and her husband’s home and found the boy lying face-down with the family dog nearby in his bedroom.

Ms Vargas went to see her son’s remains and described a horrific scene – furniture completely burnt down to ash and her son’s charred body on top of a pile of debris.

Officials have not confirmed Fuentes’ death but his family has told news outlets he died.

Joseph Schilling

Joseph Schilling was last seen evacuating his home in Lahaina on 8 August, but his family confirmed his death on social media and a GoFundMe page.

The County of Maui confirmed Schilling’s death on 22 August.

Joseph Schilling, a member of the Lahaina community, died in the wildfires


Akiva Bluh, a close family friend of Schilling, who she referred to as “Uncle Joe” described him as “caring, outgoing, funny, easygoing, joyous, and LOVING.”

Bluh said Schilling was informally adopted into their family where he acted “out of love and kindness” toward Bluh and their brothers, became best friends with Bluh’s father and quickly became friends with their mother.

“Joe passed while aiding in evacuating five elderly people in his housing complex. Joe passed as a HERO. His character showed until his very last moments. To everybody who had the pleasure of meeting my Uncle Joe, count your lucky stars; rarely do you get to meet such a genuine soul,” Bluh wrote.

Salote Takafua, Tony Takafua, Faaso and Malui Fonua Tone

Other victims include a family of four: Salote Takafua, her son Tony Takafua and parents Faaso and Malui Fonua Tone, Hawaii News Now reported.

Salote Takafua, right, died along with her son Tony Takafua and parents after trying to flee the Maui wildfires in their car


The family appeared to have become trapped in their car while trying to flee the fires on 8 August.

In a statement, the family of the victims said: “The magnitude of our grief is indescribable, and their memories will forever remain etched in our hearts.”

Lylas Kanemoto, a family friend to the victims, told The Associated Press that the loss of four members of the family was “unbearable”.

Faaso and Malui Fonua Tone, who died along with heir adult daughter Salote Takafua and grandson Tony Takafua while trying to escape Lahaina


The County of Maui has yet to officially name the four family members among the deceased.

“At least we have closure for them, but the loss and heartbreak is unbearable for many. We as a community has to just embrace each other and support our families, friends, and our community to our best of our abilities,” she said.

Franklin Trejos

Franklin Trejos, 68, died trying to protect his three-year-old golden retriever, Sam, in the fires, according to NBC News.

Franklin Trejos was identified among the victims of the Maui wildfires

(Shannon Weber-Bogar)

Trejos lived in Lahaina with Sam and longtime friends Shannon Weber-Bogar and Geoff Bogar.

Ms Weber-Bogar described Trejos as “the friendliest guy you would ever meet”.

The County of Maui has not officially named Trejos among the victims but Ms Weber-Bogar told NBC News that her husband found Trejos’ remains after returning to Lahaina.

Ms Weber-Bogas said Trejos and Mr Bogar were trying to escape the fires by driving out of Lahaina.

“He must have seen what was happening, just crawled into the hatchback with him and laid down on top of him,” Weber-Bogar said. “There’s more of Sam left than there was of Frank.”

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