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Nothing to see here, just an escaped circus elephant strolling down a Montana street | CBC News

The sound of a vehicle backfiring spooked a circus elephant while she was getting a pre-show bath in Butte, Mont., leading the pachyderm to break through a fence and take a brief walk, stopping noontime traffic on the city’s busiest street before being loaded back into a trailer.

Viola, an Asian elephant with the Jordan World Circus, still participated in two performances Tuesday after her time on the lam in the southwestern Montana city of about 35,000 people.

Viola was getting a bath behind the Butte Civic Center just after noon on Tuesday when she was startled, Civic Center manager Bill Melvin said. 

She went through a “kind of rickety” fence and went onto a four-lane street stopping traffic, causing onlookers to pull out their cellphones to take photos and video. 

Viola walked about half a block in the road before turning into the parking lot of a convenience store and casino, Melvin said.

This image provided by Matayah Utrayle-Shaylene Smith shows an escaped elephant crossing the road in Butte, Mont., on Tuesday. (Matayah Utrayle-Shaylene Smith/The Associated Press)

Stopped to eat some grass

Town Pump surveillance cameras caught images from several angles of the elephant walking down the street in front of the building and plodding through the parking lot with a trainer beside her. She then moved to a residential lawn where she started eating some grass. 

People with the circus drove a trailer over with another elephant inside, Melvin said. They “put the ramp down and she walked right back in and that was it.”

“The other elephant was very happy to see her,” Melvin said.

About 10 minutes passed from when she was startled to when she was back in the trailer, he said.

“She come back and she performed last night and everything was good,” Melvin said. “I mean the show went on, as they say.”

At least two animal rights groups — PETA and Compassion Works International — criticized the incident, saying it endangered the elephant and the public and could have been avoided if circuses didn’t force animals to perform.

An elephant walks in traffic
Viola crosses the road, stopping traffic, on Tuesday. (Matayah Utrayle-Shaylene Smith/The Associated Press)

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