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It’s not all river you go on a market day- Riverine Priestess speaks on Junior Pope’s death (video)

In the wake of the tragic incident involving Junior Pope’s passing on the river, a riverine priestess speaks on reverence for the forces of nature.

“It’s not all rivers you go to on a market day,” she cautions, drawing attention to the inherent power and unpredictability of water. In Nigeria, where rivers are not merely bodies of water but embodiments of spiritual entities, such warnings carry weighty significance.

The priestess implores Nigerians to cultivate a profound respect for the water spirits, urging them to understand the intricate balance between human existence and the natural world. For in neglecting to honor the spirits that dwell within the rivers, one risks invoking their wrath and inviting calamity upon oneself and others.

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Her words serve as reminder of the interconnectedness of all life and the necessity of humility in the face of elemental forces. (Video)

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