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I’m in pains- Young Lady Cries Out After Fixing Eyelashes (Video)

A fair young lady has taken to the internet to release a heart-wrenching video of her that has since gone viral, a distraught young woman bravely shared her pain after experiencing discomfort from fixing eyelash extensions. She pleaded for help from the online community, desperate to find relief from the agony piercing her eye.

In addition to the pains she was going through, she added that she could not bear the price of the fare to the beauty salon where she fixed it, adding that she had visited the salon twice but was told that the pain would reduce. The more reason why she needed solution from social media users.

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Meanwhile, the expected advice was not forth coming as most netizens made a joke of her current situation.

Despite the financial strain of traveling to the beauty salon and investing in the extensions, her priority now was finding a solution to alleviate the pain. (Video)



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