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Khan: ‘Don’t stay at your homes, hide’: Imran Khan urges PTI workers, leaders – Times of India

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to his party workers and office bearers not to stay inside their homes but to hide, adding that a one-sided narrative was being spread against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.
Khan made the above remarks in a YouTube live session on Wednesday evening. His address came hours after PTI suffered a big blow due to Fawad Chaudhary‘s announcement of taking a break from politics.
On Wednesday itself, the PTI had filed a petition with the Sindh High Court (SHC) demanding release of its arrested party workers. The petition demanded the release of 263 PTI workers and leaders, who were arrested after violent clashes broke out across Pakistan on May 9 after Khan was arrested at the Islamabad High Court, reported Dawn.
Apprising the party workers and office bears of the same, Khan said, “There is propaganda in the media and a one-sided [narrative] is being played.”
He also said that PTI workers are now scared of coming out on the media, [fearing] that they will be caught and jailed.
“I have told my people to go in hiding. I am telling my workers and office-bearers that there is no need for you to come out. Don’t stay at your homes, hide,” Khan urged PTI workers.
Khan also lamented that more than 10,000 PTI workers have been jailed and kept in poor conditions, according to Dawn.
“At present, over 10,000 of our workers are in jail and the situation is so difficult for them — they are kept in small cages, deprived of good food and water and not allowed to meet their lawyers. They are being treated as if they are foreign enemies of the country, but even then, prisoners of war to have rights,” the PTI chief said during the live.
Khan also took a dig at the government for cutting down the internet connection around his Zaman Park residence.
“I hope this talk will reach you,” he hoped, claiming that the sole purpose of the internet clamp down was to control the media, reported Dawn.
Towards the end of his address, Khan said that it is better to die than to accept slavery.
“This slavery that they making us do ….the way they are gripping necks and forcing them to leave PTI. You were not born for this …. when the nation bows its head in front of fear, those nations die.”
“I want to tell my country that you should not accept defeat in any way,” said Khan adding httat he won’t lose hope and will play till the last ball, Dawn reported.

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