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‘Dog friendly, child free’: Sign outside England pub sparks debate – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A pub in St Albans, Hertfordshire, has garnered significant attention after displaying a sign that read: “Dog Friendly, Child free“.
The Lower Red Lion, located on Fishpool Street, England has maintained this policy for approximately 11 years, according to the landlord, David Worcester as told to a BBC presenter.
The sign’s photo, shared on X, has been viewed by an estimated 75 million people, sparking a heated debate on the social media platform.While some users expressed their disapproval, questioning the social acceptability of “literally hating children”, others defended the pub’s stance. Worcester noted that the majority of the comments originated from the United States.
The decision to place the sign outside the pub was made after parents complained about the lack of clarity regarding the child-free policy until they entered the establishment. Worcester explained his intention to create a relaxing environment for his customers. “I just want to create an environment where my customers can sit and relax, it only takes one child to kick off and that spoils it for absolutely everybody,” he said.
Despite receiving accusations of hating children due to the viral photo, Worcester clarified, “I have no objection to children in any other pub, ever, I just don’t want them in mine.”
The publicity generated by the viral post has had a positive impact on the Lower Red Lion, with one customer even traveling from Worcester by train to visit the pub. Worcester expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the local community and his regular patrons.

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